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Biz Tip of the Day is a short, thought provoking (and sometimes controversial) daily e-mail business tool from Sales Coach and Global TeleClass Co-Founder, Hilton Johnson, that will inspire, motivate and train you for success.

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“Your Biz Tip has given me something today that will have me thinking for the next twenty years.” -- Bob Proctor, Toronto, Canada

“Hilton, I totally disagree with your Biz Tip that says you don’t have to believe in a product to sell it.” --A. Morrison

Hilton Johnson can show you how to play the game as well as anyone.” --Zig Zigler

“Biz Tip of the Day” Samples:


Any marketing campaign you do over and over to the same market will diminish in value because people will know, "you always offer it".


Some of the world’s best ideas ever cooked up were the ones that had to simmer for a while.


When hiring salespeople, you'll never know what you really have until you throw them in deep water and see if they will sink or swim.